Zombies, Run! App Review (pt. 1)

A couple weeks ago I bought the $7.99 app Zombies, Run!

Another side effect of the weather being nice is that I want to run outside more to get fit.
When I heard about this zombie game that is a real life run tracker where you pick up items on your runs and have zombie hordes chasing after you (thus making you run faster) I knew it would be perfect for my boring runs.

My homescreen. (The icon with the running man is Zombies, Run!)

The app intersperses an audio story and  the music you have on your phone with zombie chases and item finding.

My last run, part of the second mission. I could not do that much running that day, but I can pause the run and re-start it later.


You "equip" the items you find while running to different areas in the town to level them up. I love this aspect of the game. It is an actual immersible story with a game playing element to do after each run. Not just an audio story, if I wanted that I would listen to World War Z.

 Time to go run from some more zombies!

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