Today's Zombies, Run! Run (pt. 2)

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This is part two to this post.

I finished the second mission of the Zombies, Run! app today. I ran over to the creek and hardly passed any cars. I want to find more running trails through interesting places that make me feel like I am really in the zombie infested city of Abel.

I usually split each mission into 2 runs, as I am just getting back into running, and do a run/jog combo for 15 minutes at a time. Each mission is 30 minutes and then randomly shuffles your music at the end.

The first time I ran it was around 7am, I passed no cars, and it was slightly foggy out. Definitely earie feeling, it set the mood.

This app is a major motivator and I find it makes me run a lot more and for a lot longer than I would otherwise. It also tracks all of your runs online, and displays information about your runs, the trail you took, which songs you ran the fastest to, how fast you ran and for how long. Definitely my favorite app to date.

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