Instagram Bottles (Early August)

1. Spices at one shop at the South Bend Farmers Market. 2. Shoreline Brewery in Michigan City, IN. Best artichoke spinach dip I have ever tasted. 3. My nail polish collection in my newly bought display case. 4. Delicious Root beer and new strawberry tic-tacs.

Just realized all of my posts photos have bottles in them... I guess this is a bottled theme Instagram post. Hmm maybe I'll start theme-ing my Instagram photos, could be interesting and make me look out to take photos of things I usually wouldn't.

I am often too shy/cautious to take my DSLR many places. So I try to use Instagram to keep up the slack and store the memories I can't capture otherwise.

It still doesn't maintain the quality I would like (see the low lighted images) but it does okay with enough light. I have been using Camera360 instead of the Instagram filters. The only down side to that app is you have to take pictures with it in order to edit them in it, you cannot import them to it after taking them with the native camera app or Instagram.

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