Eye Shadow Nail Polish (Frankens?)

After reading about adding eyeshadow to nail polish I decided to try it myself, to use up unused eyeshadow and create new nail polish colors that I do not have. I have so many unused eye shadows that I wear once and will never wear again because they're just too dramatic. I like the idea of bright eye shadow, it just does not work right in execution.

The two clear(ish) colors I used, Pure Ice Don't You Wish and Pure Ice Oh Baby! For less than 2 dollars at Wal-mart, this polish is surprisingly nice. Actually my favorite polish is from them, Silver Mercedes (as seen on This Blog. Pokemon and Zelda eye shadow samples seen above are from Shiro Cosmetics. The purple bottled shadows on the left are Urban Decay.

. funnel
I made a funnel and poured the loose pigment right in. After pouring a little of the polish out to make room. I also made sure the polishes I got had ball bearings in them so all I had to do after putting the pigment in was put the cap back on and shake.

The two colors that were made, from Fyrinnae's Sorceress and Candy Coated.

On my nails, they go on a little thick and clumpy. I should have used less eye shadow, started with a little and then slowly added more as needed, as opposed to quickly just pouring it all in (I was excited).

I ended with a burnt reddish brown with iridescent glitter and a deep blue with purple tones that shines turquoise in the sun. I am not sure on how well this will wear, I need to add a little nail polish thinner to each and haven't actually painted my nails for any long length of time with them yet.

Ah well, I like to experiment and make new things, the experience is what matters. Now I know better for next time (use less pigment!), and am thinking about making a green with iridescent glitter.

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