My Lisa Frank Nails

Talk about nostalgia. This last week was the first time I tried water marbling for nail polish.

One of the marbles I made (light rainbow) reminded me of Lisa Frank, a company of bright colors and glitter that I used to be obsessed with in about 2nd grade. I had a ridiculous sticker collection, lunch box, folders (and every other stationery item imaginable), and just bought anything I could find and convince my parents that I needed.

Anyways, onto the nails.



The manicure ended up (it wasn't really pre-planned, this is just the most sentimental Lisa Frank item I have left, and I made it myself!) being inspired by this card I made for my Dad's birthday. With my math I was 7 when I made this back in 1995.

I always wished I had crayons that were the right Lisa Frank colors but with the 24 pack crayons they just did not have the right colors to color your Lisa Frank coloring books right. I was highly disappointed when my pictures looked nothing like that printed on my folders.

Close up of the hands (minus thumbs).

Aaand the thumbs.

Sorry for all the nail polish posts lately. I have been working a lot and it seems like I don't have time for much else.

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