Beach Day!

Had a beach day during one of my days off last week.

Now that the heat wave has passed I have wanted to go to the beach more. I can't stand being outside in the humidity or extreme heat, But lately it has been around the upper 70's. Perfect beach weather.

I have been trying to appreciate the fact that I live on a Great Lake. The close to the southern most tip of Lake Michigan to be exact.


This is Mt Baldy. Not what I remember from when I was a kid and back in High School. It used to be a huge 126 ft almost vertical mountain of sand that took all of ones energy to climb, and then half running slide down the other side and run right into the water.

It does still have great views though. The Michigan City light house can be seen in the distance (Above). And a great view on the surrounding area (below).

We thought the water seemed choppy here so we got back in the car and drove down to a friends house further west down the beach, in Long Beach.

All of the houses in Long Beach have so much personality. I love going out there in the summer time, and avoiding the completely packed public beach in my city.
I love the decor on the patio, those blue cinder-block tables, flowers and cacti!




The waves were so choppy that day you had to use all your power to swim and/or keep yourself in place.

Anthony still swam for a surprisingly long time. I never knew he loved the water so much.


Up next, a more interesting post of details at the beach!

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