Early July Update

Started playing D&D with some friends... It is ummm... interesting. My favorite part is all the different color dice. I think I want to go back to playing board games now.

Michigan City has its own Indiana restaurant. Delicious everything. Though there is never anyone else there when we go. Nothing ever lasts in this city.b

Recieved my Redditgifts exchange, some Chinese tea and a box of a Lush soap/scrub/lip balm. I have yet to try the tea but the tea pot with strainer, in the back of the left photo, works well. The Lush stuff came drenched in perfume because the 25:43 sample leaked in the box. Lush was quick to resend the package though, no charge. I am a very happy customer. The Sweetie Pie shower jelly smells like bubblegum. I never thought I would like it, but now I want to take showers and smell it constantly.

Lush package and shower jelly.

Three Floyds tap handles. I want to get out there again soon for a tour and to get a pint glass.

The Half Acre Brewery tanks, Each one has a colorful cartoon image of what is inside it. I sadly did not get a picture of my favorite, Chub Step.

I plan on taking the train to Chicago today. And going to explore a neighborhood I have yet to be in-- the Wicker Park / Bucktown area. Emporium Arcade (a new arcade bar full of vintage arcade games) and seeing Lush's new Emotional Brilliance makeup line (meh expensive makeup isn't really my thing, we'll see if they can convince me) are the only 2 sure things on the list, but we will see where the city takes me.

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  1. i still haven't tried anything from lush. i'm kind of afraid i'll get addicted.