Nail Polish - Party Teal

I don't know what it is that happens, but once very few months I get into a crazed nail polish obsession. This obsession only lasts a day or two, at max. And I don't paint my nails any other time. I actually can't stand it any other time. I start reading /r/redditlaqueristas, studying nail polish brands and finding the cheapest dupes possible (I am very VERY Frugal, yes that is a a good word for it... frugal), and painting some earrings from my newest bought polishes (pictures soon, maybe, If I can get the hang of macro close-ups). I read Amazon reviews or makeup alley or random polish comparison obsessive blogs, and learn something new about the hobby of lacquering ones nail's every time.

Yesterday, unfortunately, was one of those days.

I like to take pictures of it; I like looking at it. Hopefully it won't be ripped off within the next couple days.

I used: 
Essie - Grow Stronger as a base 
(This and Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream are the only things that keep my nails as long as they are),
Sinful Colors - Mint Apple,
Milani- Gems, (A Deborah Lipmann Happy Birthday dupe supposedly, I just love the rainbow glitter!)
and Out The Door Topcoat  (not pictured, found at Sallys, link is for a pack of 12-this actually has reviews).

After spending so long doing my nails this morning I knew I needed to give in a purchase a top coat so it will actually last. I haven't really ever taken enough time to apply a topcoat and it always chips right away. I researched some and found that Out The Door seemed the best and would get the polish to dry quickly.

 These pictures in no way conveys how much it sparkles.

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