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Drove to Chicago last Saturday. Had plans of a brewery and tour (Half Acre), another brewery (Revolution), another (Goose Island), trip to Trader Joe's, a look at Binny's, a quick trip to Lush in Bucktown for some face masks, Seeing Moonrise Kingdom, some quarter gaming in a new arcade bar called Emporium, and Sushi dinner.

Waaay to much to do in one day. It got cut down to The Half Acre tour, Bad Apple for delicious burgers for lunch/dinner, and seeing Moonrise Kingdom. A plenty full day in Chicago. Moonrise Kingdom was very very Wes Anderson. Over the top Anderson, which I loved. The imagery, scenes, dialogue, while silly, are brilliant and hilariously entertaining. I wish I lived on the island they inhabited. The movie is out for a limited release, currently. And I couldn't wait for it to (maybe?) arrive at my own cities' theater... So this got voted up and the rest of our plans will be put aside till another day.

This was my first brewery tour, and it was very interesting. It was led by the founder himself.

What I picked up at the tour. We got these glasses as part of the tour. Honestly the main reason I wanted to go to Half Acre was for these amazing Squid Owl glasses. Also got to try their beer, it was delicious as well, forever cementing me to their brand, which, for now, can only be found in some parts of Chicago.

I ordered the Invisible Monsters remix by Chuck P. to reread the way he originally intended, also it lies in the second tier of my favorite books of his. First tier being Survivor, Lullaby, Fight Club, and Rant. Second tier being all the rest pretty much minus Diary, Pygmy, and Snuff which I did not really like at all. Also I got the new Pokemon Conquest game (finally a Pokemon game that is not the same as all the rest.) Time to start investing time into Pokemon catching!

I have also looked into pouring resin (one craft activity I have never done.) Bought some resin from Hobby Lobby (with a 40% off coupon of course) and plan on making some coasters and jewelry.

Goals for the rest of this summer/early fall:
Go to Cedar Point. (August)
Camp on the beach, bonfire and tent. (July)
Go to the Renegade craft fair in Chicago. (September)
Visit the 3 Floyds brewery and take a tour on a Saturday. (Any of the next few months)

 I think one thing per month is a pretty good allotment of events and activities to plan. Everything else will be day trips in which can be done any day I have off of work.

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