Sorry was out of it for over a month.

I have been very gone. For (maybe?) very good reason? Lets see... Since I have last posted

1. Had a wedding and a funeral, in the same week. We had planned to go to Anthony's cousins wedding, and got a call from Anthony's family saying the father of the groom had died... THE MORNING OF THE WEDDING. I don't normally use all caps; But this, being the father of the groom and Anthony's close uncle, Was a pretty big shock. After getting through the most harmonious wedding with the biggest storm cloud looming overhead we had a week with him family, coping. Followed by the funeral a couple days after.

2. One of my jobs closed down, for good. Quizno's subs just have not been able to make it in this economy. So I have contained the closure of that...

3. Anthony left for Maryland for a few days, followed by being intensely sick for the next week and a half. Swollen lymph nodes in his throat, fevers as high as 103 at night... Nursed him back to health, drank Bolt-house farm Vitamin C drinks in hopes of building an immunity. Never actually caught it, must not have been contagious.

4. Even though one of my part time jobs closed, the other one decided to give me 40 hours one week, with one inventory shift of 6pm 'til 4am, AND they had me on schedule to come in at 10am the next day. (That did not happen.)

5. The big finale of this all was a 2 day trip to St. Louis Missouri to see Donald Glover perform as Childish Gambino. We also went to the zoo, saw my family, and went to a couple brew pubs (Square One and Schlafly.)

6. Actually acquired a taste for Root Beer. I have never liked root beer, the taste made me cringe. But after having it at a local drive through, I can't stop drinking it. And I realize not all Root beers are made the same. I haven't actually found one like the drive-in's.

The top 5 events all occured back to back during the last month. Most eventful and rollercoaster-of-emotions-month I have ever had.

I can't believe I have hardly posted, or hardly had a creative outlet for the last 2 months. Before I left I thought about making board game reviews part of this blog. But then the playing of those games also briefly stopped. It has been a very eventful May.

St. Louis, only a 6 hour drive away. (Chicago about an hour, Indy about 3, Milwaukee 3, Kalamazoo 1.5, Grand Rapids 2, Sandusky/Cleveland ~6, I need to visit the big cities more often, can leave early in the morning and arrive by lunch to explore! And not to forget drive up to Toronto ~8hrs, I knew I got my passport for a reason, just need to do it.)

This was my 2nd creperie, went to one in San Francisco back in December. Breakfast, being my favorite type of foods, and Crepes being my favorite breakfast food. Chalk being a very colorful menu medium, and the menu, an extremely extensive crepe... erie.

By far the best animal at the zoo, the free admission was definitely worth watching him for as long as my boyfriend would let me. Such awesome hands and toes and jumping capabilities.

We enjoy beer, I think for a different reason than most are exposed to. Usually when I mention that I like beer to anyone they scrunch up their face and say "EEWW I hate beer!" But, undoubtedly, the beer they are referring to, is of the over produced mass marketed beer tent with bikini babes corny water type. The kind made by mass corporations that put no thought into it, and only think of the bottom line and the hoards of drones they have made of American consumption of the... "beer." No, no this is not the drink I am referring to.


It has actually gotten to be quite a hobby that we seek out local brew pubs in the cities we visit, often turning up delicious food we otherwise would not have gotten to try, and whatever micro-brews the brewery has to offer. If anyone would have asked me a couple years ago if I liked beer I would have has that same scrunched up face and replied with a "Ugh no way, I don't drink." But this embibement(I like to make up words) is not the same, it is NOT picking up the cheapest box that will get you intoxicated as fast as possible which your body and mind can get an addiction to. It is kind of like enjoying a fine wine, for the taste, not the alcoholic effects.

This is us the day of the wedding, between the ceremony and reception we had a few hours to kill. And instead of going back with the family we decided to take a 20 minute drive up to Three Floyds, a microbrewery not too far from where I live, but closer to Anthony's family. We got to take a break from the stress and crying and just do something we enjoy for a short break. They had awesome beef jerkey.


  1. Try the root beer at Carlsons in Michigan City (if they still exist?) Probably the best Root Beer I've had, might somewhat compare to your...wait a minute. I think the root beer you speak of is Carlsons. First time I read it I took it as a drive in down in St. Louis...now I'm not so sure. :)

    1. Just now saw this comment, their root beer is what got me hooked!

  2. So, how did that Ion Color Brilliance Brights hold up for you? Did it fade fast?