This (past) week in Instagram

This was a forgotten post that I started making, and then forgot about it. So here ya go, some Instagram photos from around April 16th.

My first attempt at red tips, It faded soon after. Manic Panic Pillarbox Red.

A knitted tree I spotted in Bloomington, Indiana!

We went to a flea market and they had an awesome stall with a bunch of retro toys, and SM3 set up. Probably my favorite of the old Super Marios. The flute! There was a vintage wooden toy camera, but it was all banged up and in pretty bad condition, and they wanted $8 in cash, which I didn't have.

Ate dinner at Upland Brewery. Best feta, tangerine, and beet salad ever. Oh and the Bad Elmer's Porter was one of my favorite beers to date.

My 6 year old niece spotted this beside our house, in a bush. I hope they made it, though I had not been back to check on them since. Would these be Robin's eggs since they're blue? Like the crayon.

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  1. those eggs are so pretty! and they should be robins!
    taht is my favorite mario too! my video game skills can only handle that. im terrible at anything N64 and beyond.