Colored my hair Red.

After finding out that my new job allows me to have "crazy" colored hair, I finally put my tub of Manic Panic dye to use. I bleached the tips and added the "Pillarbox Red" dye to it after it had reached a light enough yellow. Well that washed out in less than 2 weeks. So here I go, attempt number 2 for red tips.

This time I used a new color from Sally's. It is called Ion Color Brilliance Brights. And if I remember correctly this $4.99 tube does an amazing job. Had it put on my hair before and it lasted MONTHS. My cousin, who is a beautician used this in place of Pravana, apparently a very long lasting professional color. And if you have ever colored your hair red, you know that it fades FAST. Hopefully that is not the case this time.

The past was sooo thick. I was considering mixing a little water with it to get it to spread better. But didn't. It took longer to wash out than I am used to. I actually rinsed out as much of it as I could, braided my hair, and slept on a towel with my hair wet, and then rinsed out even more the next morning.

Before. I did not have to bleach my hair to a very light color to be able to get the red I wanted. I wanted to keep the damage to a minimum. This is as light as my dark processed hair gets after bleaching for almost an hour.


I'll try to update this when it starts fading badly, to let anyone who wants to know how long this color lasts, since it's new and all.

Aaaand my dog Mickey. XD He has gotten good at posing for photos. Though he may have just wanted more food.

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  1. that looks great! and something about mickey's face makes me think of a rabbit. he is so cute.