Lately... (Mid April)

Having acquired 2 jobs has left me a little less frugal this week, I have slightly splurged on a few items I have wanted for awhile. Splurged only in comparison to my usual frugal "don't spend any money-ness".

The first thing I decided to get were some more scent shots from Candles by Victoria. These make my room smell delicious, like gummy bears, and don't have to be lit. I just melt them in a warmer.

Some earrings from EversoLovely's Etsy. I haven't worn earrings in years, but these I actually want to wear. And a bonus is their nickel-free so my ears don't get itchy.

New key chain and work shoes, pictured with the nail polish I wore last week to keep my nails from breaking at work.

Craft beer purchase of the week. We like to ever so often try something new. I have really gotten into craft beers lately. So delicious. It is an acquired taste that has grown on me. I used to HATE beer, and drinking.

New tights that I wore for the first time on Easter. Also the hardest tights to put on, ever. Could rip so easily.

I also ordered a pocket sized pink moleskine planner to keep track of work schedules and other necessary dates and store in my purse. I like to use these as a kind of diary, I can tell you what date I saw what movies, or ate at certain restaurants, etc, for the last several years due to keeping a moleskine.

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  1. those tights are so pretty! i have some that are fragile like that and it is so nerve wracking to put on!