Pretty Nail Polish (I can't believe this is actually a post)

Sooo I recently, (yesterday to be exact) got back into nail polish. Working 2 jobs and going to college doesn't leave much time for the more extravagant hobbies.

 It is a very coming and going fickle hobby of mine, painting my nails. Sometimes I can't stand for it to be on my nails, and then all of a sudden I buy a new interesting color, and have to use it. Well yesterday, after looking at nail polish blogs, I raced out and picked up a few new 97 cent polishes, and one $4.99 from Meijer. And painted my nails for the first time in so long.

I never realized how in depth the nail polish culture was; Specific techniques, collections of rare or hard to find colors, its incredible.

These are the colors I picked out last night, and used the newly learned Jelly sandwich technique on a couple nails, along with a coat of matte polish on a few nails. I like this matte polish a lot. It turns obnoxiously shiny polish down a little.

The matte polish I finally found last night. Put it over any glossy color (once it's dry).

NYC Matte is seen on the left, notice the lack of shine!

The colors I used today to paint my right hand. Always a challenge being right handed and painting with your left. In order from right to left, base of Essie's growth treatment, 3 Revlon's, and NYC Matte. Using 3 Revlon colors was not intentional.

Right hand now Used Revlon's Whimsical. My new favorite drugstore bought color. Though I have never paid more than $5 for a bottle of nailpolish.
Ungirly nail polish NOOB
Left hand now

I also never understood why people took pictures of their nail polish while holding the bottle. Well after some time trying to figure out how to get a good angle to take a picture of my nails without making my hands looks weird I see why.

Un-Girly Nail Polish Noob

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