Almost Easter

Instagram came out on Android this week, and my life has only had enough time for these quick snap shots so it came at the perfect time.

I got a second job at Vanity Fair in the Lighthouse mall (the outlet where I live.) School has still been going on, until the end of this month, and Quizno's just got a menu revamp so I have a lot to do.

Haven't had anything exciting to photograph lately, so my rebel hasn't gotten much use this past week or two.
Haven't been spending any money, need to save up for classes and to get my own apartment again.

Not much else has been going on, just started dieting a week ago, haven't lost anything so far, but its amazing to see the ridiculous amount of calories I was eating everyday. I use the Calorie Count app to restrict my calorie intake, and make sure I am still getting enough vitamins/nutrients. The thing is I think I may need to supplement my diet with running a couple miles daily, and I haven't had much time for that.

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