Last Week Mid March


Got an excuse to visit a local yarn shop for the first time. I needed some yarn for my on-line yarn gift exchange.

Thinking about dyeing my hair dark red again. At least adding red over what I have, after lightening the tips. I bought the dye a few weeks ago and usually I dye it right away, but I just don't know this time. phonematch
Didn't realize how much my outfit matched until after I started taking photos, adjusted appropriately. reddittees
Got my t-shirts from my t-shirt exchange!
He turned 4 this past week! Happy Birthday Mickey!
  stuff Nailpolish (though I can't stand painting my fingernails, I get the urge to every once in a while, Glitter this time!) Ro's Argan Body Conditioner sample from Lush = amazing rose smelling moisturizer, 25:43 perfume= lime and tonka my favorite, The Threadless stickers that came with the tees.

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