Food from March

Food photography is one of my favorite types to take.
It just lends itself to being photographed and I always want to document the delicious food I eat.

This is what I have felt worthy of being photographed this week, while the temperature outside creeps up, I get a week break from school, and I start getting hooked on Mad Men (never imagined that last one.)

Went to a local breakfast place for the first time. Don't know why I waited so long since I heard it was great and breakfast is my favorite type of food. They had huge portion sizes for what you pay, and it was all delicious. Mascarpone cheese Stuffed french toast, crispy hash browns, and fresh squeezed OJ (so much better than boxed.)

Nutella on wheat.

Mmm Nutella on wheat, I think I am going to have one of you right now.

I learned of this Cream on top Maple flavored yogurt in San Francisco. I am a yogurt fiend and this stuff is amazing. Meijer just started stocking it a couple weeks ago.

I just liked the chips of the Valentine's day cookies bought on clearance, by my mom.

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