Chicago in March

This last week we had spring break, and the weather got to a ridiculous high of 81 during the last half of the week. We used one of those beautiful days to ride the train and go explore Chicago. Rode one of their new double decker trains for the 1st time.
 The train ride only takes an hour and a half and you're at Millenium Park near the Loop in downtown Chicago.We did not have any big plans, but to do a massive amount of walking like we did in San Francisco.

I have never done that before, and never got a real sense of how big the city is; walking in and out through different neighborhoods, really getting a feel for things.

We got to see many different neighborhoods including Lincoln Park, The Depaul Campus, and Lake View, and then walked back south down Clark Street.

We only stopped at Lush near Depaul for 23:47 perfume, Water from CVS, Noodles and Co. for a quick cheap lunch (Anthony had never been there,) and the Urban Outfitters Outlet on Clark (they have clothing for much much cheaper than the overpriced retail store. Most shirts were 5 bucks while the jeans were only 10.)

The weather has been ridiculous here lately. It went from needing to wear a winter coat, to higher than 80 in about 2 weeks. I wish it could just be a stable 70 degrees most of the year. 80 in March is unheard of.

We ended up walking around 7 miles and were so hot and exhausted that not many pictures were taken during the 2nd half of the day. We were also in a race against time to get back to Millennium Station before the train left, or else we would have had to wait 3 more hours for the next one. Above you can see the skyline in the distance, we started out on the other side of all those skyscrapers.

Yielding me sore legs for a week, blistered covered feet, and an awesome experience. Need to find a good pair of shoes that are comfortable and fit well enough to be walked in all day so I can do this much more.

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  1. i really want to visit chicago, i haven't been there before. a walking tour sounds awesome.