Printer's Tray Knick knack display

This post, though about only one thing, that one thing encompasses the idea of something big. That my mom, no matter how obscure, rare, our unheard of something is, as long as you want it, she will find it. And she will find it for cheap. A tribute to just how snazzy she is at finding items, vintage or new, remembering that you were looking for one, and buy it for some ridiculously low price. I've always seen her as a master of garage sailing (haha) and goodwill perusing. I don't let myself shop at these places, for fear of cluttering my room and draining my wallet (I've done it before to turn around and donate the stuff back when my room starts to get cluttered) but my mom many times has found what I may have mentioned months back in passing.

Around last summer, I showed her a pic of what I would learn to be a Printer's tray, or a letter press tray. I had no idea what it was, but I liked the look and display options with it, and just told her I want one, let me know if she somehow randomly comes across one. And next thing I hear about it, this last weekend, I come home and she has one sitting on the kitchen table for me. Very exciting since I have not been able to go to Goodwill in months. I don't think it is an original tray, this one seems like it was made to look like one, but be a decoration on the wall, which is exactly what I plan to use it for so it doesn't matter to me. Especially with the price of trays online being upwards of $50, $2 is great! All those things that I keep for memories sake, now have a place to go. If only it was bigger. Now to find which small things to fill it with! And especially to fit in those long spots.

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