This Week: Beginning of February

Just figured out how to make a post from my LG Optimus and even include Flickr photos. Something else to do when I am bored at work, but alas it makes the photos small and the screen is not really big enough. I think I am going to start doing a post on Sundays, with all the stray photos I took, high-lighting things that happened the past week, but weren't big enough to be a post on their own.

Valentine's bracelet
I made a few Valentine's Day themed friendship bracelets. I used to make these a lot a couple years ago, when I had my own apartment, and would wear more than 6 at a time on my left wrist. Just, kinda wanted to relive this through a couple heart bracelets.

Celebrated Anthony's 23rd birthday, we had a relaxing day and then went out to eat at Aladdin's, a Mediterranean/Lebanese place. With healthy hummus and falafel and the like. Very delicious and quite cheap. Will definitely be going there more, instead of Chipotle all the time.

I really just like the way these all looked together, at the top of my closet, where they are always sitting, though hardly used. I buy these types of things, perfumes, hair products, a lot more than I actually use them. This K-Pak is for damaged hair that will not grow anymore (like mine after bleaching it twice in 1 day.) It  does actually make my hair feel stronger when I do have it on. But I forget to use it most days, and my hair still hasn't gotten any longer in the past year. No Drought- a very citrussy scented powdery dry shampoo you can get the same effect from using baby powder. Silky Underwear actually would probably work alright as well, but that one's got cocoa butter in it.

I pulled out a couple of my frozen Lush face masks, and I can confirm the Catastrophe Cosmetic works just as well after being frozen in it calaminey fresh blueberry way. Time to use the cupcake one and soak up some of this oil! Update on the Cupcake mask, definitely quite a burn from this mask compared to CC. There is spearmint oil in it.

I just found out about 3D cameras. I had no idea how to made the 3d gifs I see on Tumblr all the time, but now I can and will, but haven't taken any pictures yet.

camera bag
This is a camera bag insert I made for this ugly brown purse I have that is big enough to carry all the camera related items I may need on a photography excursion. My rebel goes in the middle, taken out and replaces with eye glasses to take the pic.

My favorite pair of pajama pants currently. I got a pair or more from everyone this Christmas. Now I have more pj pants than regular pants.

I did another wave of clothing purging. I am such a clothes hoarder, I have stuff from before high school still. But as of the last year I have been going through and filling bags for goodwill. This is a necklace I made from one of the t-shirts. There are numerous how-to's if you google t-shirt necklace or scarf.

Another one.

My vintage camera strap. Given to me attached to a very old film camera, now on my Canon Rebel.

 Have been using the Photoshop Rad Actions. Getting the hang of them even more, it makes my like my photos much more than their unedited form. I just need to remember to keep them subtle.

Other things this week: Not Photographed:

Got a chance to finally play Settlers of Catan. I had heard about this game before and been invited to a couple times, but just took my friends up on the offer during their last board game night. And I actually liked the game so much I went out, found it at Meijer and bought it. Played it earlier tonight with my mom and brother. They liked it too. Anthony also ordered Arkham Horror. He has played it before, and really liked it. The game play/themes seem really cool. Apparently it is one of those longer games you really have to dedicate time to, like 8 hours time. So it looks like we are getting into board gaming, which I am in no way opposed to. Other games I have been looking at/considering: Betrayal at the House on the Hill, and Pandemic.

 I am trying to make the right lifestyle changes towards being healthy. Trying to cut out sugars, though it is very hard. Reality check happened when my doctor told me I needed to do aerobic activity for more than 150 minutes a week, and I realized I slacking hard core on that. So I plan to work out at the gym at my school, every night this week, and just up the ante from there. So far I can run a mile in about 10 minutes, at 6.0mph, but my hear rate goes through the roof at 180+.

 2 weeks ago I went to an open interview at a restaurant, previously mentioned, 2nd interview tomorrow. I hope I get it, of course.

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  1. i love that camera strap. it looks just like the guitar strap my dad has had forever.
    We are obsessed with settlers of catan. I don't understand how it is so fun! i like that it is pretty short so you don't have to dedicate a whoel day to it.