Lush part 2: The Story

( Lush on Powell street in downtown San Francisco, the first Lush to be established in the US.)

          Starting a little more than a year ago, Anthony and I drove 2 hours to the Woodfield mall in Chicago(Schaumberg), spent a day eating sushi at Todai, tromping around Ikea, and I had heard that Lush had some nice soaps, so we stopped in.

           My first purchase was Porridge soap, Honey I Washed the Kids soap, American Cream conditioner, and New shampoo bar. I also got a free sample of R&B for my hair, after getting a massage with Strawberry Feels Massage bar and a wash with the Buffy Bar. I was in heaven, especially with all of my purchases. They were all perfect, and smell amazing. Since then we have gone to every local Lush store in the town's we visit. So far I have been to the one in Woodfield, the Lush in downtown Chicago in Macy's, the Lush at Mayfair Mall near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and The one in St. Louis Galleria.

On my recent road trip back across the country I got my first chance to go to an outdoor stand alone Lush, in San Francisco, the Powell street store (I was later told this was the first lush in the US, by an employee at the Las Vegas Lush,) and the store on Union Street in San Francisco. While visiting Anthony's childhood we stopped at the Lush in Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego.We stopped at the store in Mandalay Bay while we stayed overnight in Las Vegas

When asked what we liked to do for fun Anthony joked that we liked to visit Lush stores, which actually, is quite the truth, for me anyways. Whenever we are visiting a new city, I check their locations and see if there is a Lush store within close distance. Unlike most boring chain stores, that are all the same, each Lush store is so different, often times has different products in stock (especially during the Christmas sale), and is a completely different experience (the feel, the employees, the atmosphere.) I could do a separate post on each store and my experience their and how they are different, though It might become quite repetitious and am not too sure who would be interested in the tiny details.

  I plan on going to the Lush stores in New York when I finally get to visit it with my free flights from signing up for a Southwest Rapid Rewards Card. And the stores in Canada, when I finally go there. Maybe one day I will be able to visit a Lush Spa in the UK. Though it says they will be coming to the US soon.

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  1. i have never been to a lush store. there isn't one near me and i'm scared i will become addicted to ording it through the mail. a girl i work with spends at least 50 bucks a month on a box of lush products. they look so amazing!