The past 2 weeks (Middle of February)

Looking forward to introducing some more friends to Catan.

I learned how to crochet granny squares.

Then I changed my mind and decided I wanted to crochet a granny row blanket.

It finally showed this past week, feels like the first time in forever. This has been the most mild winter I have ever experienced. Up here in northern Indiana we usually have snow storm after snowstorm and up to 4 feet of snow and an average of 15 degrees F (and minimums around 0). This winter has has an average of 45 degrees and I can count the miniscule snowfalls on one hand.

My brother Victor's keyboard.

My brother Victor's other (new) keyboard.

This past week was Valentine's Day. Held off celebrating with dinner until the 15th. Very good idea in my opinion to avoid all the other couples and long wait times. We went to Soho Japanese Bistro, were we ate sushi, udon, miso and ginger salad. Delicious. There were awesome twinkling star lights in the ceiling.

My family always has this in stock lately. It is also delicious.

I used to buy these at museums when I was a kid, and all of those tiny rock collections. I would like to start a rock collection again.


  1. yessssss i love catan! i haven't played in a few weeks and i NEED TOO! have you done any of the expansion packs? we've played sea farers and it is pretty awesome.

    1. Noo but I want an expansion baaad. I went out and bought it after playing it the first time with friends, knew I had to have my own copy to play at home and introduce it to my mom and brother. They loved it too. Seafarers seems like the best expansion. We have been playing nerdier drawn out board games lately, like Talisman and Arkham Horror. These take sooo long and have so many rules that they make me so thankful for Catan.