Lush Valentine's Goodies


I ordered myself a few things from Lush UK online. It usually ends up being cheaper (up to 50%!) after the exchange rate and I usually get my order within 7 days. I wanted to try a few Valentine's products before they were gone and their new perfume.


They sent me the newest issue of the UK Lush times, very awesome, these are an extra plus to each order, so fun to read. I also got the Valentine's soap (the name escapes me), and though it doesn't smell like anything special, it's opaque color makes it a VERY creamy moisturizing wash. The 25:43 perfume sample is like a mix of the best tonka and freshest limes, I am absolutely in love with it and am trying to get a day off to get out to Chicago to get a big bottle. I also got some regular items, the Buffy body bar and Fresh Farmacy facial soap. I had Buffy used on me the first time I went in the store and couldn't forget how soft it made my skin, but the price tag made me iffy about it until I found it much cheaper on the UK site. The Fresh Farmacy is a calamine facial cleanser, I have reddened acne prone skin and I found that the calamine in their Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask made my skin much more calm. The Magic Mushroom Bubble Bars are strawberry scented (one of my favorite scents) and pretty much smell like the super star bubble bars from Christmas, pre-bath anyways. I haven't gotten to use them in a bath yet.


I loved the perfume that I left a very positive review on Lush's US website for the 25:43 perfome. No one else had reviewed it yet I felt I needed to let everyone know how great it is. I think everyone that tries it really likes it, they actually made it a permanent item since it was so popular during the initial Valentine's Day sale. Though my review not up on the website yet it can be seen below:

By Seaskyy from South Bend, Indiana on 2/16/2012
5out of 5
When you survey your stash, you label this product: Most Wanted
Pros: clean, Sweet, Refreshing, Limey, Vanilla-y
Best Uses: Right after a shower, Before Bed, Anytime
Smells amazing, like lime and vanilla. A perfect combination as the lime is very soft and sweet. I can't stop smelling it. It combined my favorite parts of vanillary and added in my favorite fruit.
(Haha another Lush post. I am thinking of adding a Lush category to my top bar since there is so many. Sorry for the lack of diverse content. I have been very busy lately. I hope to document a couple days soon, one in Michigan City showing what my weekends are like, and one in South Bend when I go to school. Maybe I can try and throw in a couple interesting things. I haven't really been doing anything else very interesting or post worthy and I have been trying to save up money (just found out I have to pay for classes on my own for awhile and there's no way I am taking out a private loan.)

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