Lush Part 1: The Experience

For about a year now I have had an obsession with trying Lush products, stalking the UK site for new products, and visiting Lush stores around the US.

The company focuses on making everyday hygiene products that smell amazing, and in my opinion not chemically at all compared to many store bought items. They specialize in doing vegan/vegetarian products with organic ingredients and lack packaging, thus less harmful waste for the environment.

Because of the myriad of scents in the Lush products, they are one of my favorite things. I would much rather go out to a Lush store and pick out a couple products than go out drinking any night. (This is how I justify the money I spend on Lush products. When other people buy drinks and get wasted, I buy soap, take baths, and smell amazing.)

I don't normally get to take baths, I only have a shower at home, but recently had access to a tub, and a Spa tub with jets in Las Vegas, so I got a try a few. Amazing. They smell great, and leave the skin so soft. So relaxing.

My favorite Lush products so far:

1. The New Shampoo Bar- with one swipe this thing makes a full head of lather, it promotes hair growth, and makes my hair feel the squeaky cleanest it has ever felt. It has a slight cinnamon scent. One bar is 10 bucks and can last me for months, way better than any bottle from my local Wal-mart.
2. The Cupcake fresh face mask- these have to be kept refrigerated because of the natural fresh ingredients in the product. This is a cold mask for acne and redness. It smells like a minty chocolate and has a nice texture. After I use it my skin glows and can be acne free for days. I can get a dozen uses from each $6 jar, and I can freeze the extra in single uses packages of foil, so they stay good before they expire. I just pull one out to the fridge the night before I want to use it.
3. The Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon- This is one of their newest inventions, it is a bubblebar mixed with a bath bomb, and they can easily break in half for 2 uses. About 3 dollars a use this way, and it smells, absolutely amazing. Tons of bubbles and a moisturizing bath.
4. The Vanillary Perfume- I can never tell how the scents smell in the store, and they take awhile to reach full potential on your skin. So I order the samples from the UK website. Now this perfume can be addictive, especially when it smells like fresh baked vanilla bread.
5. Porridge Soap- though this is my favorite scent out of any of the Lush products, it is last on my list due to the rough texture from the oats inside, though they are supposed to be exfoliating, they can leave red marks on the skin. I have to lather the bar with my hand, and then use my hand to put the lather on my body, not direct from bar to body. Wish they would make it sans-oats.

(all product images in my favorites list from Lush.com)

Runner-ups: Coalface (oil absorbent facial soap), Whoosh Shower Jelly(this jelly lathers real good and 1 jar lasts a long time, Pow Wow lip scrub (caffeine and pop rocks!), Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar (great for doms after a work out,) Silky Underwear Dusting Powder (smells like vanilla and is great during a sweaty summer,) and Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter ( makes my hangnails disappear and my nails stronger.)

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