Lack of posts

My dog Mickey, he likes to make a heart shape with his legs. XD

It has been really hard trying to create posts lately. I even missed my new weekly update post last Sunday. Though I have some pictures for it and things to talk about, it takes some time to get all of that together and compose a blog post. It is hard when I have to work and go to school, and am pretty much living in 2 places at once. I don't get much time to myself, and when I do it spread across knitting/crocheting, Reddit, catching up with other internet things (just joined Pinterest this week) planning trips, setting goals, and trying to find a better job. I am trying to make enough money to put myself through college so I have been very busy trying to put apps in and get my foot in any door for a better job. There has not been much or enough time for any of my hobbies, let alone work out, or study enough for school.

Hopefully once I find a good job here and settle down in my own place the posts can become more consistent. Seeing as my blog is made up of the fun or interesting things I like to do, just have not had any time to do them lately, there hasn't been much to post about. I also like my blog to be graphic based, since one of my biggest hobbies is photography. 

I am hoping to get a new header up and post AT LEAST once a week. Along with going to class, working my part time (horribly crappy minimum wage) job, spending time with Anthony, spending time with my family and dog, and working out. And still trying to make time for all the other things I feel like I have no time for lately: reading (have a never ending list of books I want to read), crocheting (just started a huge blanket), Minecraft (or whichever other video game I am currently interested in... Skyrim... Bioshock), and still finding time to see friends (like board game nights on Saturday, a new occurance).

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