Magic the Gathering Eyeshadow!?!? (see #3)

Just some things I have been looking at and thinking about.

1· Getting some eyeshadow from Shirocosmetics. I saw eyeshadows on Etsy a while back, using the names of pokemon, or Zelda, or other geeky themes and thought it was silly that they're trying to market to such a demographic, geeky people who love pokemon, etc. But, I will jump on the bandwagon, because I do love some highly pigmented shadow.

So colorful. And these have names like "This was a triumph," "For science," "Vulpix," and Zelda-like names, yeah really corny, but I think I will give it a try. Haha, you know, they're Pokemon, Zelda, and Portal "inspired".

Maybe I'll get some Midna:

or some Gengar:

Actually the more I look the more geeky branded cosmetics I find, Bioshock lipgloss, really?!

2· Speaking of Bioshock, About a year ago I was talking to my boyfriend Anthony (then best friend) about how they should make a Bioshock novel, explaining the back story in much more detail than the games ever did. All we could find was horribly written fan-fiction which we laughed over for hours. Well the other day, walking through Meijer, we saw this!:

YES! I will be reading this, asap, I think I want the actual book, not just an e-book for my Kindle. Too, many, commas.

3· I almost had nothing to put for 3, as I started at 1, then 2, then jumped down and started posting backwards, but then I saw,

WTFTFDFDFTDFS Magic the Gathering Eyeshadow!?!?

4· Fennec Foxes, an exotic animal many keep as a pet. I, really, want one.

This is scout, there are videos of him up on youtube.

5· Vintage camera straps, waiting till I find out with some kind of heart pattern on it, I don't know why but that is what I imagine I want.

6· Lab Bismuth made into jewelry... Can I get a desk made out of this stuff? That is all.

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