Project: Candles By Victoria

I am a scent maniac. Earlier this year I started ordering candles from Candles by Victoria, an online candle shop that has literally every scent of candle you can think of, yes even bacon. I am always wary of the "throw" that candles have, how far the scent actually travels. After having spent money on several expensive candles I've decided to stick with CBV, which is a much cheaper option.

I love Victoria's tarts, that you melt in a warmer. The scents are so strong and not at all chemical. One thing I did not like was the left over pool of scentless wax after each burn. Seemed like such a waste.

I've reused the wax from the warmer by pouring it into a new glass container, with a wick inside. They can be purchased from any craft store, usually in an aisle combining soap making, candle making, and other such things. I just put a dab of wax on the bottom first where I want the wick to sit, and then pour a layer on to hold the wick base down.

My favorite CBV scents so far (Have only tried a few dozen): Morning in Madrid, Fresh Squeezed Oranges, and Breakfast in Vermont.

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  1. So awesome!! I did this with scent shots at first but didn't make it into a candle...I just ended up with a jar of wax and then tossed it. This is such a cool idea!! :D