Photography Post 1

I just purchased a new DSLR Canon Rebel, (it is about time, been using film and a crappy point and shoot for SOOO LONG.)
And a bunch of stuff to go with it, 50mm lens, tripod, accessories.

It is very exciting especially with this amazing lens and probably means most of my posts in here will have pictures, when possible.

The first day I could I got out to the park to take photos and try out my new lens, it has been awhile since I took photos so I was brushing up on my manual setting knowledge.

I also starting shooting my images in RAW format, so that I could further develop them to their full potential on the computer. (see ) I think I will export them as JPEG and RAW the next time so I can do a side by side comparison myself and make sure the massive amount of space they take up is worth it.

Proof that the lens I bought can take amazingly detailed photos and will now be used instead of the kit lens the camera came with.

My favorite post-processing adjustment is upping the saturation and making the colors pop. Makes the graffiti look brilliant, as it should. (taken through my car window...)

I really don't like flowers, but they're a good subject for displaying the bokeh a lens cn produce, something I am very fond of, coming from using a bland point-and-shoot for years.

The light from the projector at the drive-in movie theater, 2 movies for $8, I will be going again.

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