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Ahh well, 2nd post, I suppose that is about time for the inevitable "#1 thing I am addicted to right now post." It has actually been the #1 thing I have been addicted to for the past 5 months, but, ah... well. Minecraft!

Bored of the normal bland look of Minecraft/ regular crafting/ mining/ etc? Try out texture packs and game mods!!! There are adventure maps that have been created to make Minecraft more of game with puzzles and such to work your way through, mods for guns, night vision goggles, and grappling hooks, etc.  It all boils down to this point: You set your own goals, and the only limit is your creativity.

The look of Minecraft can be changed, within limits of course, by allowing its users to make up their own texture packs, hundreds can be found online for just about any look desired.

My favorite texture pack to apply to minecraft lately: Girlcraft
Aside from the Steampunk one, of course.

Reminds me of the girly set of off brand legos I had as a kid with pink yellow and light blue blocks. Mmmm childhood. My tree house is on the right, nether portal towards the left, and what was supposed to be a mob killing machine turned squid aquarium in the back.

I was playing Planetoids for a while on the server my brother and I set up. Wooden bridges were built to connect each of the "planets", each containing different kinds of blocks. I also decided to write out the names of the block inside, on the top of each planet, still in progress.

Best part about having the girly texture pack? Adding the zombie survival mob skins to it and making the zombies/skeletons/creepers look insanely creepy compared to the bright happy colors.

Of course a pokemon texture pack has been made. Several actually.

Best fan-made Minecraft related graphic YET. (Source: Anyone know?)

Now back to some Yogscasts...

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