My Snorlax Dress

Most of the time I get the ideas for my projects by surfing the internet and seeing the things others are making. And then I attempt it on my own, as cheaply as possible.
This is my version of Betty Felon's Snorlax Dress
Another Snorlax dress, Snorlax is easily one of the best pokemon, and easiest to make a dress out of, though I contemplated making a Mew dress, I always ended up wanting to make a snorlax one.

First thing I did was wait until the Salvation Army Thrift Store had a $1 day, they do this about once a month and each clothing item is only a dollar each. I found two skirts that were perfect, though looking at them one doesn't immediately think of a fat sleeping Pokemon, but more likely a middle aged librarian in the 1970s. Perfect length for a short dress, even have the slip material underneath. Right away I cut up my skirts into each of the separate pieces.

Maybe one day I will learn to sew with patters, but for now I just use pictures online and my own clothing as a guide for measurements.

Only took me about four hours total. Is a much more formal version of the Snorlax dress, I even added pockets with his claws and shaped the top to resemble Snorlax's ears.

I used freezer paper to stencil on the face and claws, the zipper was the original that came with the blue skirt, Total cost: less than $3.

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  1. I was wondering how do you make it? I want to make one but I don't know where to start. I have no experience in making clothes but if I had a blueprint of some sort, then I'm a fast learner. Thanks for you time.(: