Autumn Love Update

Sorry this blog has been mostly dead, but I hope to change that real soon. Honestly this update is in procrastination of an exam I need to be studying for.

But I just wanted to say. I LOVE FALL. This is the best time of the year.

I tried a whole lot of pumpkin beers. I definitely have to say Schlafly (from St. Louis) is my favorite, perfect for the weather.


My first lot of home made polishes, honestly I made these for myself because they were polishes I dreamed of, but I also had enough left to make a couple more to give away on a Nail Polish blog. I even made up stickers for them.

Things I plan to do soon: Make my own indie polish for my stop at seaskyy.etsy.com. Learn more graphic design/photoshop/web development. Take more pictures of the beautiful fall leaves.

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