New phone (getting this out of the waaay)

The past 3 days I have had a bad cold, with a fever up to 102.7 degrees. Its been going around in my family. I stayed home from school this week. But, this did give me time to check out my new phone.

Mycolorscreens.com is a community where you can get inspiration for your phones set up, theme, colors, icons, etc, by viewing what everyone else is currently doing with their phones UI. I set up an account at mycolorscreens to post my layouts on my new phone.

My lock screen. Minimal. Changed everything about it.
My homescreen. ADW launcher. Pretty much changed everything from the stock HTC Sense UI.

Click for More Screen Detail

I was very lucky to find a great Ebayer. Buying a used item off of Ebay, especially one so expensive, is always a very worrying thing. Luckily the phone has been great and a great value for everything he included in the auction. I bought a tpu clear plastic case and an extended life battery so my phone will last a day or 2 (big change from the stock batterys 4-5 hours.) And I will just carry around the battery it came with as a fully charged spare. cellsticker
I took probably 50 photos of the sky yesterday. We had 60 degree weather, sun, and amazing clouds. And it was my first day out of the house since Sunday. sensation IMAG0078_edit0

And I got the Photoshop Express app to make minor changes, fix Contrast and Saturation, so that the photos look as bright on my computer screen as they do on the phone's screen.

IMAG0103_edit0 IMAG0121_edit0 Today was my father's birthday. As with most birthday's in my immediate family, we had a cake and present opening celebration. I am guessing his candles are pink because they were picked out by my 6 year old niece. Have any questions about how to do pretty much anything on Android? Leave a message and I'll try to help or point you in the right direction.

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