Japanese style ginger dressing (vegan)

So much better than the bottled ginger dressings I have been trying to get by with.

I have wanting to make my own ginger dressing like the dressing on house salads at any sushi place for quite while now. Well today, a day off of work and school, (with 80 degree weather, perfect for salads) I finally got around to it.

I found a recipe online, along with a dozen other variations.
And found that all the ingredients were easily bought at a grocery store. These were the ingredients I used

-Rice Wine Vinegar (also used in making sushi)
-Water (some recipes have this, others have extra virgin olive oil. I don't like the dressing to be so oily)
-Soy Sauce
-Sugar or Honey
-Peanut oil or Extra Virgin. I tried both variations and liked the peanut oil more.
-Lemon juice
-Black Pepper

Combine them all, and blend to a puree. Different recipes online call for different amounts of each ingredient, just use one as an outline and adjust to your own ginger dressing needs.
All we had to buy was minced garlic and ginger.

I made a couple different variations. One using mustard and the other with ketchup. The one with ketchup having peanut oil and the former with extra virgin olive oil. I also added onions to one. They are both great and much better than any store bought ginger dressing. Plus it's great making your own so you can tweak it or be as sweet or sour as you'd like.

This is still a little different from what they serve at my local sushi bar, but its close enough for me. I think I'm going to use it on every salad I eat. I'm going to ask for the recipe at the restaurant the best time I go to. I can't figure out what makes theirs sort of creamy and opaque white(ish) yellow.

Now to try and learn how to make Yum Yum Sauce. I had nooooo idea what it was made of, but I should have know, Mayo. But I loved to drench my rice in it at a Japanese grill to go place that closed not too long after it opened. Turns out it is Mayo and Paprika for the most part, and for that and all the calories it will bring, I will be staying away from it. Sadly.

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