Optimus T Cell phone pics

New banner, my dog Mickey with his tongue out!

In anticipation of my new phone with it's 8mp camera, I am dumping recent photos taken by my Optimus T. Its camera is pretty horrible and takes  3.2 mp pictures and takes forever to load.

One day this last week was so sunny and nice, a break from all the dreary overcasts days we have had lately. It made me so happy, but of course I had to work.

The yarn pre-blanket.

nutella pops
I made a second batch of cake pops, with vanilla white chocolate with almonds on the outside and yellow cake and Nutella on the inside.

The Nutella doesn't harden the way icing does so the pops were very mushy on the inside.

My progress on the blanket so far, not very much and I am more than half way through this skein. I try to do a row a day whenever I can remember.

This weeks board game night consisted of a 4+ hour game of Talisman. I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere and we eventually gave up.

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